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Incredible New Art Web Site For Artists From Around The World


I’ve found an incredible new art web site that I’ve added to our Log Cabin Furniture Blog. is a beautiful new art site in association with National Geographic that features work from artists all across the globe.

This is no cheesy art site, it is a first class quality site with some of the most beautiful artworks you will find anywhere. The great thing about is that it was started as an outlet for artisans who may not be able to get very good prices for their work on a local basis but they now get much better prices now that their work is opened up to the global market.

It get even better! The art is beautiful and affordable because it is a win, win situation for everyone involved. Artists get a large market for their art and everyone in the world gets affordable, high quality artwork and home decor. What could be better?

Isn’t the global economy awesome?


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New Cars Blog At Weblog Stop


We’ve just started a new blog here at entitled Cars And Car Reviews.

Cars and Car Reviews will be somewhat different than a traditional blog. It might be more like a web site.

Many bloggers believe it’s important to stay at the cutting edge of what’s happening and that if a blog isn’t publishing info as soon as it’s available, then it’s not worthwhile. While our new blog will offer some cutting edge breaking news, most of the time it won’t. We’ll just report on fun and interesting stuff about the exciting automobile.

Everyone loves the automobile and there is one, or two, that almost everyone dreams about. Would you love to own a Corvette, a Ferrari, a Porsche or how about an old classic muscle car from the 60’s or early, 70’s? At Cars And Car Reviews we’re going to cover just about everything related to cars and occasionally info about trucks, cause a few people like trucks as well.

Visit Cars and Car Reviews.


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Seizing Business Opportunities


Sometimes people just don’t get it when it comes to seizing opportunities. You wonder how some businesses manage to stay open.

Friday night my wife and I went into downtown Melbourne, that’s Melbourne Florida, with some friends to have dinner at our favorite restaurant, Island Pasta. Of course Friday was St. Patrick’s Day and the downtown area was packed with partiers. After dinner we decide we would go to a little coffee shop about a block from where we ate. (I just love caffee mochas) So we walk the block to the coffee shop and to our surprise, it’s closed!

Now for anyone in business, any business, this just doesn’t make sense. We were out on a slightly cool evening with a few thousand people downtown, drinking none the less, and the only coffee shop in town is closed. How much business sense does this make?

Our downtown area in Melbourne isn’t usually that busy so the proprietor of this coffee shop could have earned as much Friday night as they would have in an entire week.

Business opportunities on the web are nearly the same. When you see an opportunity available on the net, the time to act on it was yesterday. Don’t have your business or your attitude closed when the streets are full of people.


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I’m Finding My Blogging Voice, It’s One Of A Lunatic


While learning the ins and outs of blogging I’ve heard it mentioned quite often that to be a good blogger you need to find your voice. You need to find whatever it is you want to say and say it in your own unique way. This above all else will establish you in the blogsphere.

After several days of starting from zero and trying to figure out WordPress, CSS, blogging, php, abc, 123 and so forth, I’ve finally found my voice…

It is one of a lunatic madman.

This is probably one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever tried to do in my life, except work for someone else. It never fails, every time I think I can sit down and do a task that should take me 5 minutes, it takes me an hour.

For instance, last night I sat down to add the little feed logos to my sidebar here at the WeblogStop and it turned out to be a nightmare. I uploaded the feed plug-in to this blog and copied the code form my sidebar, that’s right I copied it so I wouldn’t get it wrong, and now I have an extra line of text in an h1 heading that says Syndicate. It’s not in one of my other blogs at but it’s in this one and I can’t get rid of it.

It should look exactly the same, I copied the code from one sidebar to another. I want to blog, I don’t want to be a lunatic technician. I’m not good at that.

I’m not sure I’m good at blogging either since my voice is now one of a babbling fool.


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I Must Be For Real Now, I’m Getting Comment Spam


Does it mean something when you start getting comment spam on a new blog? Is this a milestone you can mark as a turning point in the life of a new blog?

All of a sudden, like some magic key was turned somewhere, I’m starting to get a good ration of spam to this blog and 1 other blog,, on this little network I’ve started.

Either I’m being noticed or some poor sucker was just taken for $147 from the guy that sells blog spam software and he decided to try out his new toy on my blogs.

I have an idea! I’ll set up a new spam blog and I’ll let these little spamming creeps register for $50, about 1/3 the cost of the spam software, and then they can spam that blog all they want for only $50. Sounds like a deal to me.

Where do I sign up?


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The Amazing Site That Earns $10,000 Per Day In Adsense Income


This is one of those anomalies that can’t really be explained, but I have some opinions about it.

Scobleizer is reporting about a the #1 Adsense user in Canada, Markus Frind, founder of Markus’ site is a free dating site and brings in an amazing $10,000 per day in Adsense revenue. What’s even more amazing is that the site is, well, ugly. Nothing fancy here and that’s part of the draw.

So why does this site work so well when the rest of us are wracking our brains and trying to optomize our sites to tweak every last Google position from each page? It works because it’s offering a product, companionship (a basic human need), it’s offering it for free, I mean totally free, and the site is obviously not commercial.

The secret to is that there is no secret, it’s just there. No tricks, no gimmicks, no corporate BS behind the whole deal. It’s one guy’s site and he did it just to provide the service. People don’t care that it’s ugly, people care that it’s genuine. Genuine = success.

Be more genuine.


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Could It Be A Crime To Anonymously Posts On Forums or Blogs?


New Jersey Assemblyman Peter J. Biondi has proposed a bill that would hold liable "Information content providers" who allow people to anonymously post on forums. It appears that liability would be extended to the poster as well.

People who run forums or any site where a comment could be left will be required to collect a legal name and address from those who post. The bill is aiming to cut defamatory and false information from being posted to web sites.

How’s that going to happen Mr Biondi? One has to wonder if a lawmaker like My Biondi has ever used a computer or surfed the internet. A proposal such as this is impossible to implement. How can a content provider be held liable because someone registers on a forum with a false name? We might as well shut done the internet in New Jersey!

A quote from the bill itself:

"This bill would require an operator of any interactive computer service or an Internet service provider to establish, maintain and enforce a policy requiring an information content provider who posts messages on a public forum web site either to be identified by legal name and address or to register a legal name and address with the operator or provider prior to posting messages on a public forum web site."

What’s happened to common sense?


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Google Video Of My Favorite Author Seth Godin


Here’s a video of my favorite author and marketing guru Seth Godin speaking to the troops at Google.

If you don’t know about Seth, he use to be the chief marketer VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo and has written several books on advertising and marketing and how advertising is completely changing with the advent of the internet.

Some of his books include Permission Marketing, Unleashing The Idea Virus, Purple Cow, Free Prize Inside, and All Marketers Are Liars


Update: I was corrected by Seth. He was VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo. Thanks.


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Using Qumana Blog Editor


I’ve finally found something in my quest to learn blogging that wasn’t a complete and utter frustration. After wasting nearly an hour trying to configure the Blogjet blog editor I downloaded Qumana and it was the most simple piece of software to install that I’ve ever used.

Blogjet was a royal pain because I couldn’t configure my blog to ftp through it. No matter what I did I got a “could not connect error” and finally gave up and uninstalled the darn thing before I pulled the rest of the hair out of my bald head.

I’m sick of finding things related to blogging that don’t work. If it isn’t easy and doesn’t work the first time, I’m just not going to waste time with it. I downloaded Qumana and installed it and it worked beautifully the first time. All you have to do to configure it is put in the url of your blog and then put in your user name and password and it automagically detects all your settings, even the correct folder  location for your images.

I don’t really like the very large icon it puts on the top of your desktop though. That’s a bit dorky. However, it works for what I need it to do.

Blogjet is out, Qumana is in.


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Building Web Sites In The Stone Age


I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to build a decent looking web site, or more accurately a WordPress theme, using CSS. And now I find out, at least from some people’s opinions, building a web site with tables is like working in the stone age of the net.

That’s just great, I have more than 600 pages of content online that is full of tables, nested within tables and so forth. Believe me, I have lots of nestedness out there in cyberspace, enough to supply a bird sanctuary. So now I’m learning that nested tables aren’t the best thing to be doing for SEO practices.

Why didn’t somebody tell me this? Trying to learn something like CSS from the very beginning is quite frustrating. I know tables. I don’t know CSS. I don’t even have a clue.

It’s like I’ve just stepped into an alternate universe that works backwards…only when I’m getting close to a solution. I think I’ve just about got this CSS, WordPress thing figured out, I find a link in the WordPress Codex that looks like it has just the info I need…and the link is broken.

Or, Or, Or, I look through 350 templates, and find the exact one I want, boy that looks great, that’s the one I want, finally one that looks good, click…click…click, GREAT, ANOTHER BROKEN LINK!!!

So with my 600 pages of tables that need to be replaced and this new blog network I’m trying to start, all I have to do is persevere. What else am I going to do?

I picked up Blogging For Dummies by Brad Hill and that’s helping me a little, but it just seems like there’s this invite only crowd when it comes to WordPress, CSS and blogging and I haven’t received an invitation yet.

Pressing on,


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